Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples
Japanese maples are a sure way to help add some vibrant color to the landscape of your home!

If you're searching for something to help  bring a little color to your home, take a look at some of the Japanese Maples that we have here at Ack Ack Nursery!  Each one of them have their own special colors, sizes, and one-of-a-kind leafs that help provide you and your home with a sense of beauty and uniqueness.  When it comes to these types of trees, you'll have your pick of colors to choose from.  Some varieties of Japanese maples can go from green during their growing season to certain dark shades of red that will almost seem purple and slowly turn shades of bright red, yellow, or even orange in the fall.  You can't go wrong with Japanese Maples in your yard if your goal is to add color and beauty to your homes landscape.

Japanese Maples for Sale in Rockford, IL

When it comes to planting Japanese Maple Trees, you'll be glad to know that the process is simple.  First and foremost, make sure that the Japanese Maple Tree that you're looking at with thrive in the growing zone that you've picked out for it.  Not sure if you've picked the right tree for the spot you have in mind?  Try and determine how much sunlight the spot you've chosen gets.  You'll need anywhere from full sun (6-8 hours of sunlight) to partial sun (4-6 hours of sunlight) to ensure that you're Japanese Maple will flourish.  Another consideration is it's location, make sure that the spot you've chosen doesn't have strong winds!  Still not sure?  Ask one of our experts at Ack Ack!  We'd be happy to help find the perfect Japanese Maple Tree in Rockford, IL

Top Japanese Maples to Own
Atrolineare  (Ribbon-Leaf Japanese Maple) Small, upright form; black-red, straplike leaves
Beni Shichihenge Medium, upright form; beautiful variegated leaves in white, pink, and green
Inaba Shidare Medium, cascading form; deep red-purple leaves
Waterfall Small to medium, cascading form; lacy green leaves, bright gold fall color
Murasaki Kiyohime Dwarf, rounded form; yellow-green leaves with red edges in spring, turning green in summer and gold in fall
Shaina Small, rounded form; bright red leaves in spring and fall and deep red leaves in summer
It comes to Japanese Maples, you'll need to know when is the best time to plant them.  We typically recommend either fall because it allows the roots to become established while the rest of the tree is still dormant or in the spring time.  Either way is find but make sure that there is no threat of frost because that is a sure way to damage a newly planted Japanese Maple.  When it comes to soil, you'll want something that is moist, well-draimed, and slightly acidic.  While there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to Japanese Maples, make sure you talk to one of our experts here at Ack Ack and let them help you find the right tree for your landscaping.

Contact Ack Ack today and how their team of experts can help find you a Japanese Maple in Rockford, IL today!