Royal Raindrop Crabapples

Royal Raindrop Crabapples
Aromatic fragrance, eye-popping flowers, easy maintenance; is the Royal Raindrop Crabapple tree right for you?

Being one of the more beautiful purple-leafed crabapple trees, the Royal Raindrop Crabapple is truly an elegant choice for any homes landscape.  In the spring time, these trees will create clusters of magenta-pink flowers that drop along their branches and produce a wonderful fragrance that your nose will love.  As seasons change from spring to summer, the foliage of the Royal Raindrop Crabapple will refine as their uniquely shaped glossy deep purple.  Fall brings a new colors as these trees as they bring shades of bronzes and oranges to your landscape.  The Royal Raindrop Crabapple trees are truly magnificent and will bring an array of colors to your home.

Royal Raindrop Crabapple Trees for Sale Rockford, IL

While the Royal Raindrop Crabapple brings a lot to the table with all of its unique colors, they’re also ideal for small gardens for other reasons!  Not only are they heat and drought tolerant but they’re disease resistant too.  When it comes to care for the Royal Raindrop Crabapples, you’ll be happy to know that they’re easy!  While they require full sun, they only ask for minimal pruning in the late winter in order to remove damaged or diseased growth.
Botanical Name Malus 'JFS-KW5'
Mature Height 15 - 20 feet
Mature Spread 10 - 15 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Moisture Medium
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color Pinkish Red
Foliage Purple
The Royal Raindrop Crabapples are ideal you're looking for either privacy or accent to your home.  These trees are known to be versatile when it comes to landscaping and can be used in planting beds around your home, property line, or as an anchor for the corners of your property.  Something to keep in mind when it comes to the Royal Raindrop Crabapples is that they have low branched tress so they might block the view of anything you put them in front of.  If you think a Royal Raindrop Crabapple tree is right for your home, let us help find the perfect one for you!

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