Sargent Tina Crabapple

Sargent Tina Crabapple
The dwarf sized Sargent Tina Crabapple is perfect for smaller gardens or as a specimen plant!

The Sargent Tina Crabapple tree are great if you're looking for a smaller, compact landscape tree to plant under utility lines, in confined yards, as privacy screens and hedges, and on sloping ground. Early May, these trees will blossom as pink buds and profuse a spring bloom of fragrant as they slowly turn white.  As time goes on, they'll develop small, red crabapples that will attract all types of birds.  While these pea-sized fruits are sweet in flavor, they're not used for cooking. As the crabapples mature in the fall, the lobed, dark green leafs on the Sargent Tina Crabapple will turn yellow and display a magnificent accent against the red crabapples.

Sargent Tina Crabapple Trees for Sale Rockford, IL

Even though the Sargent Tina Crabapple will only grow to a height of  6–10' and a spread of 6–12' at maturity, it's dense, spreading crown and zigzagging branches add to the appeal, often making the tree wider than it is tall.  While trees grow at a slower rate and will have a height increase of less than 12 inches per year they will require full sun (or at least 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight each day) to ensure they're healthy.
Botanical Name Malus sargentii
Mature Height / Spread 6 to 10 feet high and 6 to 12 feet wide
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Soil Type Acid soil, Moist, well-drained soil
Growth Rate Moderate
Season of Interest Early winter, Mid winter, Mid spring, Mid fall, Late fall
Flower Color & Fragrance Fragrant, Pink, White
Foliage Deciduous (seasonally loses leaves)
Tolerances Dry sites, Occasional drought, Occasional flooding
Shape or Form Broad, Multi-stemmed, Upright
Something interesting about the Sargent Tina Crabapple Trees's crabapples is that they're adored by all types of species of birds and wildlife! They are especially favored by cedar waxwings, robins, grosbeaks, and mockingbirds. Red-necked pheasant, cottontail rabbit, red fox, and black bear also enjoy the fruit. The tree's dense foliage has the added value of providing protective shelter.  If you think a Sargent Tina Crabapple tree is right for your home, let us help find the perfect one for you!

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